Czytaj KRK! mobile application will capture the city in October

As each year, Krakow will become the unquestionable capital of book, receiving eminent guests – the biggest stars of Polish and world literature – who are coming to the 6th International Joseph Conrad Literature Festival and the 18th International Book Fair in Krakow. This year, the Krakow feast of literature takes a new dimension: on 21st October, we will celebrate the 1st anniversary of the granting of the “UNESCO’s City of Literature” prestigious title to Krakow.

This exceptional atmosphere and the omnipresence of books, including e-books, will be felt even stronger thanks to the October round of the Czytaj KRK! campaign enabling, one more time, the free lending of 10 bestselling e-books. With the help of the cooperation of the largest publishing houses in the country, the autumn e-shelf will be filled with bestsellers by such authors as Raja Shehadeh, Jacek Dukaj, Marek Krajewski, Marek Niedźwiecki, Vincent V. Severski or Elżbieta Cherezińska.

This time, QR codes enabling the free lending of e-books can be found in 100 public transport vehicles in Krakow. The QR codes will also appear traditionally in nearly 100 most important literary places of Krakow – libraries, cultural institutions as well as cafeterias and clubs.

To be able to use the Czytaj KRK! mobile application, you just need a smart phone or a tablet equipped with Android or iOS operational system. Similarly to the previous round, also this time the down-loaded e-books will remain active for 30 days. Czytaj KRK! is an unprecedented joint project of the Krakow Festival Office and Woblink, a Polish leading e-book platform.

The books offered in the October round are:

Dymna by Elżbieta Baniewicz
Nielegalni by Vincent Severski
Dzielnica obiecana by Paweł Majka
Dziennik czasu okupacji (English original title: Occupation Diaries) by Raja Shehadeh
Włosi. Życie to teatr by Maciej A. Brzozowski
Radiota by Marek Niedźwiecki
Republika piratów (English original title: The Republic of Pirates)by Colin Woodard
Lód by Jacek Dukaj
W otchłani mroku by Marek Krajewski
Korona śniegu i krwi by Elżbieta Cherezińska

We remind you that people outside Krakow, unable to scan QR codes from data carriers available in the city, can read for free excerpts from all books presented in this round, thanks to the Czytaj KRK! application. At www.qr.miastoliteratury.pl, you will find all information concerning the campaign and the list of books available.

Czytaj KRK! is an expansion of the 2013 project known as the Virtual Library of Krakow. It involved placing posters that resembled full bookcases at bus and tram stops in six Polish cities, featuring QR codes that, after having been scanned, allowed to download free excerpts from nearly 70 latest and bestselling books. This unprecedented campaign, aimed at the promotion of reading with the use of modern technologies, attracted the attention of major national media and readers. The free excerpts had nearly 20 000 downloads in total.

The publishers participating in the second round of the campaign are: Czarna Owca, Insignis, Karakter, Marginesy, Muza, Wielka Litera, WSQN, Wydawnictwo Literackie, Znak and Zysk i S-ka.

The books are recommended by the campaign’s media patrons: LubimyCzytać.pl web portal, Radio Kraków and the Dziennik Polski daily.

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